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Characteristics of machining center

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Characteristics of machining center

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Three wire machining center is a typical set of high technology in one of the machinery processing equipment, its development represents the level of a national manufacturing industry, both at home and abroad are highly valued.

Compared with the ordinary numerical control machine tool, it has the following outstanding characteristics:

1, fully enclosed protection

All machining centers have a protective door, processing, the protective door, can effectively prevent personal injury accident.

2, process focus, continuous processing

Machining centers usually have a number of feed axis (three axis or more), and even more than a number of spindles, the linkage of the shaft number is more, such as the three axis linkage, five axis linkage, seven axis linkage, and so can automatically complete the processing of multiple planes and multiple angles, to achieve high precision complex parts processing. Once in the machining center fixture can complete the milling, boring, drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping, highly centralized processes.

3, the use of multiple tools, automatic tool exchange

Machining center with a knife and automatic tool changer, in the process of cutting tools will be required to load the knife library, in the process can be controlled by the program automatically change tool.

4, the use of more than one table, the work table automatic exchange

If the processing center with automatic exchange of work table, can achieve a working table in the processing of the same time, the other work to complete the workpiece clamping, thereby greatly reducing the auxiliary time, improve processing efficiency.

5, powerful, tend to compound processing

Machining center can compound turning function, grinding function, such as round table can drive the workpiece high speed rotation, the tool is only the movement of the machine is not feed, complete similar to turning, this makes the processing center has a wider range of processing.

6, high automation, high precision and high efficiency

Machining center spindle speed, feed rate and rapid positioning accuracy, can be through the reasonable choice of cutting parameters, cutting performance, fully exert the cutting time, and the entire process of continuous, various auxiliary moves fast, high degree of automation, reduce the auxiliary operation time and downtime, therefore, machining center production efficiency is high.

7, high investment

Due to the high degree of intelligent machining center, complex structure and powerful function, it is a lot of investment and daily maintenance cost of machining center.

8, in the appropriate conditions to play the best efficiency

That is, in the use of the process to play the director of the center, to fully reflect the benefits, this point to the rational use of the processing center is essential.

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